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Sjaak den Breeje – Nature and landscape photographer

Thanks for visiting my website. I have admired nature since my childhood. Bird watching, strolling through nature reserves and participating the youth days of the Dutch section of World Wildlife Fund.

The capture of natural images was not yet an issue at that time. That followed after a great trip to the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone, a few years ago. From that moment my passion for photography was sparked and I started working more intensively with nature photography.

At first mainly landscapes but then also more macro. A world opens up to me through the macro lens. Creating mini landscapes on a few square centimeters. But even larger landscapes keep me captivated, especially in the mornings when the sun breaks through after a cold, clear night.

I take most of the photos near my hometown, in the forests and estates around Utrecht and in the National Park Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

In my photos, atmosphere and mysticism play an important role. Misty forests, soft macros and magical sunrises, that makes me enthusiastic!

In 2018 I started in the practice group of a Dutch nature photographer. I am also a member of the Natuurfotografen Vereniging Utrecht.

I’m curious what you think of my photos. Besides visiting my website you can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

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